Wonderful People

Name WP Datesort icon Body
Nacho 15 February 2003 Nacho told us where to go and what to eat. He loves Mexico and helped with lots of advice. Sat next to us on the plane to Guadalajara. Thanks, Nacho! We had posole tonight.
Jim and Rhoda 16 February 2003 Had us out to their beautiful home and gave us coffee and muffins and delighted us with their description of their retired life in Ajijic
Benita 17 February 2003 Benita took us down into the town and helped us get permission to camp at the soccer field. Terribly helpful and generous.
Manuel 18 February 2003 Manuel met us on entering the town of Manzanilla and was our tour guide. He helped me find a bike shop and showed us the church and took us to a hotel where we could get a shower. Wonderful 6th grader with 14 brothers and sisters.
Marcos 18 February 2003 Marcos runs a little bike shop and fixed up my broken pedal - at least temporarily.
Bardomiano Cordova Heredia 25 February 2003 Took us in for the night in village of El Transvaal. We just asked for water and ended up spending the night. Wonderful folks!
Consuelo Velasquez Cordova 25 February 2003 Bardomiano's wife. Wow, what a wonderful person. Her laugh was a delight. And she's a fantastic cook - chile and eggs for breakfast with handmade tortillas.
Curtis Dillabough and Jordan Jorgenson 27 February 2003 Young men from Alberta, Canada, driving a clunker Chevy south as far as they can go. In Panama they'll dump it and go by bus. They stopped to help put out the fire and we camped together for the night in an outbuilding at the farm where the fire happened.
Luis Vaca Jimenez, friend Juan, wife Elvira, and the whole family 3 March 2003 Helped us find the
Irma Cordoba 6 March 2003 Walking along by our rest spot, invited us to come to her home for lunch. We went and had a wonderful conversation and lunch.
"Vina" Juarez 6 March 2003 Pharmacist in Coatepec. Helped us in many ways in that cool town, then we had a beer and tacos together.
Francisco (policeman) 8 March 2003 Francisco is a state policeman and works 7 days a week, 12 hours a day guarding the caverns at Las Grutas. He directed us to where to camp (behind abandoned hotel) and then spent much time explaining police work. He make 4000 pesos a month, about $400/mon
Aliciia Yanet 10 March 2003 11-year-old Alicia is the attendant for the public bathroom and showers in Zumpango. She works in the morning and goes to school in the afternoon. She sat and talked with Nancy and told her all about her life.
Araceli and Amir 11 March 2003 Met in a little diner. They were so enthusiastic to feed us, and kept bringing their specialties, including hand-made tortillas. Afterwards we sat and talked and they told us of the beaches of Acapulco.
Village of San Martin del Jovero 11 March 2003 The entire village took us in and took care of us, and had us camp in front of the meeting hall. We talked throughout the evening and they shared with us the history of the village and any number of other things.
Eli Gomez and his son Alberto 27 March 2003 Bicyclists we rode with on the way up the Mil Cumbres road. Showed us much about how to ride with the traffic and told us of riding in Mexico.