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Our Bike Trip from Canada to Argentina

This website is the story of our two and a half year trip riding almost 14,000 miles by bicycle from the north of Canada to Argentina. We're Nancy Lewis and Randy Fay, and we were 51 when we started out in June, 2006. We sold nearly everything we owned -- including our house, car and furniture -- to pedal -- and sometimes push -- our bikes through 14 countries carrying everything we would need to be self-supporting.

Our once-in-a-lifetime experience started in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada in June 2006 and ended in Puerto Montt, Chile in January 2009. The purpose of this trip was to get to know the people and their cultures in a more intimate way. We didn't set any records athletically or anything - people do this every year. But we met an enormous number of fabulous people and had some incredible experiences along the way.

We returned to the United States by plane in January 2009, and have settled back into a normal life in Palisade, Colorado.

We invite you to browse our stories and pictures. If you have any questions, contact us on the contact page.

Thanks to all of you in all those countries who made this such a wonderful experience!

-Randy and Nancy

Our bike touring gear

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Randy's bike and gear
Randy's bike and gear (View on flickr)

Nancy's bike and gear
Nancy's bike and gear (View on flickr)

On private road to Chiquicara
On private road to Chiquicara (View on flickr)
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Lots of people ask what bikes we used for the trip, so here they are.

We both used Specialized Stumpjumpers with front shocks, trekking handling bars with extenders, Old Man Mountain racks, Ortlieb panniers, kickstand, wide touring tires from Continental and 36 spoke wheels.

In Peru, Randy switched from panniers to a BOB trailer. See the update and the picture on the right.

We both started out with Brooks saddles but both of us switched to various version of the Terry Liberator Y - we never did get comfortable with the Brooks saddles, despite waiting thousands of miles and the rave recommendations of so many people. Neither one of us use clipless pedals - we just use regular shoes with flat pedals. We always wear a helmet and use a marvellous helmet mounted rear view mirror. We ride with riding shorts for comfort.  read more here... lee mas aquí... »


Final Trip Statistics
Distance 13842 mi/22271 km
Longest day: km
Shortest day: 5 mi/8km
Average day: 38 mi/61 km
Wonderful People: 64
Flats: 22