Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge
[There are new photos of both Oregon and California on the photos page. There are many new pictures in the Oregon section as well as the new California section. Lots of coastline and redwoods and riding pictures. We're having a great time!]

We rode over the bridge and into the city and immediately found our way across town to a dentist (Randy had a crown come off a few days ago). Then we crossed through downtown at rush hour, dodging the cars and having a grand old time, to find our friend Stuart and new friends Dave and Shelagh. It was a grand day.

The way into SF was a bit confusing, but along came Carlos and Monica, who were just out from the city for a weekend bike trip to the north. They led us all the way in through the towns to the north and we didn't have to follow the book turn-by-turn. It was a wonderful thing.

We're thinking we'll take a few rest days here and explore the city. We want to be ready for the big ride crossing the desert, and we want to make sure we're mentally ready to do it as bike tourists, rather than just rushing home just because we're on the way to Colorado.

I'm actually considering buying (and carrying) a small laptop because it's been so hard to update the site and get pictures together and support customers and the site. We'll see what happens. But if we get a computer you'll probably have to skim faster when you check the site :-)
Update: I actually bought a laptop and am going to try carrying it. Quite a radical departure from our style...