July 19, 2008: Chachapoyas to El Tingo

Easy riding, pretty good road. All dirt after the descent to the river from Chacha. El Tingo is at 1840 meters. We thought it would be easy to organize a trip up to Kuélap from here, but it wasn't so easy - much easier from Chacha. Very easy to hike up from here (10km, 3-4 hours) but we didn't want to do that, not in good enough hiking shape. Hiring a car to take us up would have cost US$40. Combi wasn't guaranteed on a Sunday and didn't pass through Tingo Viejo anyway (takes the road up through Tingo Nuevo). We called a tourist agency in Chacha and got them to take us on their tour for about US$20/each, which included the entrance to the site, a guide, and lunch.

Elevation Profile