We are not the only riders! Check this out - Dominic Gill

Dominic in Tierra del Fuego

We are not certainly the only ones who are riding or have ridden their bicycle from the most northern part of North America to the most southern tip of South America. When we started this trip over two years ago we met a young man, Dominic Gill, in Whitehorse, who was riding a tandem by himself so he could pick up riders along the way. He recently finished this incredible journey, in the middle of the frozen Patagonian winter! (By the way: We decided a long time ago that if we're running late to get to Patagonia before the winter sets in we'll take a bus to speed things up!)

Here is a short interview with him on CNN:

His website with incredible photos and stories is at takeaseat.org.

He has tried throughout his trip to raise money for homeless children - you can help here.