Wonderful People

Name WP Datesort icon Body
Patrick Stevens and Chris Kval 27 July 2004 Finally, bike tourists going my way! And we got to ride together for a bit, camped for the night. Patrick started in Montreal, rode down the east coast, and came across on the Trans-America trail (and is going down the west coast). Chris is completing the
Dave, Gillian, And Rob Ungless 14 August 2004 We met and enjoyed Dave and Rob cycing on Orcas Island, but then Dave and Gillian (who live near Vancouver) changed their whole vacation schedule and drove around for hours, showing us Vancouver and helping us get from Vancouver to Seattle for our flight
Ryan and Dick at Alternative Bike 15 September 2005 These guys let us ship our bike to them and then helped us out with every need when we were putting them together. What a treat! Check them out at alternativebike.com
Greg Carr 16 September 2005 Greg opened his wonderful home to us and hosted us for the night.
Janice, Ken, Danielle, Jessica, and little jabberjaws Samantha Murray 17 September 2005 Took us in after the family reunion, put us up for the night. We'll forget how to camp!
Roland Provost and Jeanne Pelletier 18 September 2005 Roland "picked us up" at the grocery store in Dover, NH, talking bike touring. Then invited us home to camp. Then fed us with wonderful company. Then made us sleep inside
Mike Micucci 21 September 2005 Nancy's rear shifter cable just broke off on a back road (rough dirt) on the north side of the river approaching Gorham. Mike of Moriah Sports took care of it on the spot!
Clair VonHandorf 21 September 2005 Clair noticed us in Gorham and invited us to share her campsite! She's an Appalachian and Long Trail through-hiker extraordinaire, just off the Long Trail in Vermont. She shared her campsite and her life and gave us much joy.
Brad and Sue Wyman 22 September 2005 Brad and Sue are on the Warm Showers touring cyclist hospitality list, and they're amazing. They took us in, gave us a bed and incredible hospitality, and then Brad rode out with us for half a day
Dennis Thompson 23 September 2005 Out of Colebrook we rode up a long, steep dirt road in search of a campground we`d been told about. It was just dusk - we saw a beautiful sunset. The campground wasn`t there, but Dennis said he'd "do us one better" and put us up in a cabin, without charge
Pierre Robin 25 September 2005 We pulled into the deserted Owl's Head campground in southern Quebec and thought nobody was there - but Pierre was there. He speaks no English, but welcomed us and said "Hongree?" and fed us wonderful Minnestrone. Then he made us sleep in his spare camper
Nancy Carr 28 September 2005 Nancy put us up for two nights, fed us, let us borrow the car to get Randy's bike fixed, the works.
Kathy Erickson 29 September 2005 We just asked about camping at the Lyme General Store, and Kathy invited us home, put us up, shared her life with us.
Dan Lewis - Nancy's Brother 30 September 2005 Thanks to Nancy's dear old brother (yes he is older) Dan, for the best gourmet meal this side of Italy and also a chance to see the "gang" again. Dan's building a second home on Goose Pond Road. Your all are welcome to stop by, and have a beer at sunset a
Alan and Muriel Armstrong 10 June 2006 Alan and Muriel drove up the Dempster in their big RV. We met them at the visitor's center in Inuvik. They volunteered to take our food resupply box to Eagle Plains. Later, when they passed us on the highway, they parked the RV and had us in for a fine lunch and coffee. What a delightful couple.
Olive Coventry 10 June 2006 Olive drove all the way up the Dempster Highway by herself... and she's 82! We had dinner with her and she later delivered our food box successfully to Eagle Plains. Thanks, Olive!
Russell Andre 10 June 2006 Russell works on the ferry at Tsiigehtchic (Arctic Red River). When we were on the ferry we asked him if there was a place in that (tiny) village to get a shower. He said "no, but you can go to my house. Nobody's home, but go on in. Fill up your water there too." What a delight. We'll never forget his big smile and decisive generosity.
Jim and Pat Campbell 15 June 2006 Delightful couple from Ontario - met at Arctic Circle. Shared their chocolate milk with us and later took our box of goodies to Dawson City.
Paul and Cathy Wylie 15 June 2006 Cathy shared her computer for a day to help get the Eagle Plains website up... and shared a wonderful bottle of wine. Paul arranged to get our water bag delivered to a point down the road, since we had a waterless stretch after Eagle Plains.
Denise and George McCluskey 18 June 2006 As we stopped for the day at Chapman Lake they stopped to chat - and insisted on having a beer with us. What a delight to be given a cold beer out in the middle of nowhere. Thanks! Nancy went fishing in the lake at midnight and drinking her 3rd beer...
Art Meyer 27 June 2006 Gave us a ride from Stewart Crossing back to Dempster Corner to get Nancy's lost coat. Thanks, Art!
Darlene and Glen Parsons 27 June 2006 Gave us a ride back from Dempster Corner to Stewart Crossing when we had to go back to get Nancy's coat. Thanks, Darlene and GLen!
Claire Macht 2 July 2006 Warm Showers host in Whitehorse - took wonderful care of us. Thanks Claire, thanks Joel!
Janice and Jim Sheufert 8 July 2006 Janice met us on the street in Dawson and invited us to their house in Juneau. Well we went, and had an incredible gourmet dinner, and spent a rainy evening later in the week. Wonderful visit. Thanks!
Darlene Sillery 11 July 2006 Darlene met us at the summit on the Haines Highway and then hosted us at her house in Haines Junction. Wonderful stories about their very exotic bike tours in Africa and Asia - and their ambitious plans.
Cris Pekaark and Laurie Henderson 16 July 2006 Cris and Laurie met us at the campground at Juneau and invited us to their wonderful home in Whitehorse. We spent a fine evening and a wonderful meal with them. Thanks!
Bill Maitland 17 July 2006 Bill gave us a ride from Jake's Corner to Atlin so we could see the beautiful town for a night. It's off our route, so we thought we'd do a quick hitchhike to see it instead of missing it. Then later in Dease Lake Bill arranged for us to get a ride up to Telegraph Creek and then arranged a ride back, too! What an interesting person and friend.
Jim and Yai Schmer 19 July 2006 Jim and Yai befriended us at the Morley Lake recreation area in the Yukon. They feted us with wine, ice cream, a slide show, and a wonderful breakfast. Talk about taking good care of us! Thanks, Jim and Yai!
Amy Babtsov 29 July 2006 Amy gave us a ride with our bikes (and a guided tour!) up to Telegraph Creek. What a delightful day!
Heather Narynski 30 July 2006 Heather entertained us at Telegraph Creek and we had a wonderful time - she hauled us around the area and we had a delightful bike ride together.