Wonderful People

Name WP Datesort icon Body
Tracy Anderson and John Slamm 1 August 2006 Limping along south on the Cassiar with a severely compromised rear wheel (broken spoke -drive side) John let me know where the next tool I needed was: At Stewart at his house! Tracy helped us come up with the tool and then even loaned us their jeep to go up to the Salmon Glacier!
Doug Stout and Carroll Murray 2 August 2006 We meet the nicest people in RV's - Doug and Carroll let us share their spot, and invited us in for wine, and gave us real coffee in the morning. Delightful people that we hope to see again.
Ryan Beaudry 2 August 2006 Ryan gave us a ride to Bell II. We were just asking about where to camp, but he drove 80km round trip to get us to a *really* nice place to camp. Thanks!
Noel and Geneva Venn 5 August 2006 Noel and Geneva stopped to help us when our borrowed jeep had a flat. Noel knows how to patch a tire on the side of the road, and he got us out of there!
Iain Cullen and Farwest Sports 11 August 2006 Iain couldn't stop helping us - we stopped for some fixups at his sports/bike shop and he helped us with boxes for the flight, and then took the boxes out to the ferry for us. Thanks, Iain!
Gordon Peterson 13 August 2006 Gordon stopped to chat with us at Alert Bay, a delightful island community. Then he helped us with some gasoline for our stove (he drove home to get it for us!). And he gave us some *marvellous* smoked salmon - we had it last night and will again tonight. Thanks, Gordon!
Saskia Erdmann 14 August 2006 Saskia is a touring cyclist we met on the way down the island. She outfitted us with all the maps we'd need for the lower island. They helped dramatically. Thanks, Saskia!
Dave Ward and Cat Carston 19 August 2006 Dave and Cat are with the Warm Showers list (www.warmshowers.org) and they offered us wonderful hospitality - and then rode out with us for a delightful weekend adventure on Hornby Island.
Margot Visher 3 September 2006 Margot took us in and fed us and showed us around Cannon Beach and overall gave us a delightful evening. Wow, what a place. We'll never forget the delight of viewing the ocean from her place.
Bob and Honna Sheffield 3 September 2006 Bob and Honna (old, old friends of Nancy's) made a special trip from northwest of Portland to spend a day playing with us at Oswald West State Park. They treated to a wonderful dinner cooked over the campfire and we just had a blast. Thanks!
Suzi and Jim Stovall 6 September 2006 Suzi and Jim have a son crossing the country by bike right now. They're members of the Warm Showers List (warmshowers.org) and they took us in and treated us like royalty! Hot tub on the beach? Wow! Thanks!
Fran Greenleaf and Patrick Griego 17 September 2006 Fran is my 2nd cousin (at least) and Fran and Patrick invited us to their place for a wonderful time of sharing trip reminiscences. And we got a great BED to sleep in and our laundry done and a fantastic meal and NEW FRIENDS. Thanks, Fran and Patrick!
Roy and Mary Harthan 21 September 2006 Roy and Mary are Warm Showers hosts that treated us to a night in their cottage. Thanks! It's so nice to meet such interesting and generous people.
Carlos and Monica Duque 25 September 2006 Carlos and Monica just met us riding in toward San Francisco and they became our tour guids and led us through all the intricate twists and turns of the northern approach to SF. They had just been out for a weekend cycling adventure and were also returning. Later we went for a ride with Carlos to the Marin Headlands. Thanks for all your help, Carlos and Monica!
Dave Manuel and Shelagh Fritz 25 September 2006 Dave and Shelagh met us out on the coast north of San Francisco and were so bold as to invite us to crash on their living room floor. We did for a couple of days and it was fantastic getting to know them. And we feel like we learned a LOT. Thanks, Dave and Shelagh!
Luis Kong 25 September 2006 Dr Kong is a dentist - We were looking everywhere for a dentist to fix Randy's crown which had fallen off. Dr. Kong agreed to see Randy (the SAME DAY) and we rode to his office and he graciously and generously did all that needed to happen. Thanks, Dr Kong!
Matt and Ryan at BikeWorks in Half Moon Bay 3 October 2006 Matt and Ryan of Bikeworks in Half Moon Bay helped us out with a whole series of mechanical problems, putting off the things that they had to get done so they could get us on the road. If you're ever going through Half Moon Bay, stop at the bike shop and patronise them. They're wonderful people.
Larry Sharpe 5 October 2006 Larry was out for a ride near Monterey and just brought us home (4 of us!) and put us up for the evening. He rode across the country in 1976 and has been paying back people's generosity ever since. What a great guy!
Ildi and Paul 8 October 2006 Ildi and Paul hosted us in South Pasadena. It was amazing to see Paul's "magic garden" hidden behind a gate on a hill in the middle of the city. And what a wonderful thing for Nancy to get to visit her old school buddy, Ildi.
Pat and Cat Patterson 16 October 2006 Pat and Cat are the famous adventurers who just got back from riding their bikes around the world. See worldriders2.com for the whole story. They adopted us and took us in and we had a wonderful time and a beautiful beginning of a great friendship.
Mark Lewis and Tony Ramirez 20 October 2006 Mark is Nancy's brother - they hosted us for a delightful 2 nights and it was so good to see them after riding all those miles down from Inuvik!
Marty Jones 22 October 2006 Marty is another kind WarmShowers member who put us up and guided us around the great city of San Diego. He helped us a thousand ways and made San Diego a sane place for us. Thanks, Marty!
Amy Farrell 24 October 2006 Amy saw us poring over maps at the Burger King in Yuma, Arizona, and stopped to chat. We asked where a campground might be, and she just invited us to sleep in her backyard instead! And then she fed us a delightful breakfast in the morning, and made our stay in Yuma so memorable. If all the world were so open and generous, what would it be like? Thanks, Amy.
John and Peggy 1 February 2007 John and Peggy Woerner (Nancy's Mother-in-law) took us in on our arrival and helped us out wonderfully getting ready to leave. What a treat to see them and to start the trip with them. Thanks!
Jack Lentz 1 February 2007 Jack picked us up at the airport and helped a thousand other ways as we began our trip in Phoenix/Mesa. Thanks!
Caroline and Mary 1 February 2007 Caroline and Mary invited us to their home in Tucson and made us feel so wonderfully comfortable after the fairly difficult ride to Tucson. We stayed and worked and socialized and barely got going again. THANKS!
Ajo Bikes 6 February 2007 We had quite an enormous wheel failure, but the folks at Ajo Bikes in Tucson made us all well again, even though it messed up their entire day. They were courteous and helpful all day, even though we were a thorn in their side. THANKS!
Casey - our desert angel 7 February 2007 We didn't know how few services there really were on the way from Tucson to Patagonia.. And we didn't take enough water. Thanks, Casey, for helping us out with those wonderful bottles on the side of the road. We would never made it to the top, not to mention to Sonoita!
Sally Greenleaf 7 February 2007 Sally is Randy's mother's cousin, and was kind enough to invite us to her delightful home and share her life with us for a couple of days (and some fine, fine cooking too). Thanks for sharing with us, Sally.
Bill Durden 9 February 2007 Bill stopped on the highway south in Sonora and yelled over that he wanted to have us stay at his place in Imuris. Later he followed us slowly, with his lights flashing to protect us from traffic, all the way to Imuris (which was a hair longer than the 10 miles he said!) We had a wonderful evening with him.