Wonderful People

Name WP Datesort icon Body
Tim Balderston 9 September 2003 Incredible US Customs agent with 13 dogs. Helped us out, fed us fresh homemade tamales and rellenos, even brought an ice cream. What an incredibly generous guy!
Ignacio (Nacho) Hernandez 9 September 2003 Wonderful Mexican customs agent (Aduana). After we crossed over he invited us in for beer, showed us card tricks, and generally entertained.
Rogelio Garcia Bonilla 9 September 2003 Another wonderful Mexican Customs agent. After the pleasant time sharing the afternoon in the customs office, he drove us to Janos, making our first day in Mexico much easier!
Miguel 11 September 2003 Met us in the square in Zaragosa, found out where there was a room to rent (no hotel) and took us there. Big smile, a great friend.
Nehemias Ortega 12 September 2003 Pastor of Evangelical Free church in Bavicora. Let us stay at his churches bunkhouse, since there was no other accomodation in town. Delightful. Thanks! (and he did it at no charge)
Sra. Obed Ortega Reyes 12 September 2003 Kids took us to her house so Ron could make a call to find out Caroles condition. She graciously helped out and let him make the telephone call. No public phone in Babicora!
Casey at Cafe Creel 19 September 2003 Kind, helpful person. Took care of my bike and trailer while I went to Chihuahua with Ron. Sent me to people I needed to see in town.
Liko - welder in Creel 20 September 2003 Fixed my poor broken Bob trailer while I waited. Charged me $1.90. Good as new!
Benito Estrada and family 21 September 2003 Arrived late and needed a place to camp. But they had me sleep upstairs in their house, which was great because it rained a lot.
Carlos and Monse, Casa Monse in Batopilas 23 September 2003 Great hosts, a great place to stay. Special place in Monse's heart for the Raramuri
Candelario Viniegra Chavez (Schoolteacher at Cerro Colorado) 24 September 2003 Chatted with me for hours about rural education. We went to the river for a swim before I continued on up the canyon.
Peggy Woerner-Lantz and John Woerner 19 June 2004 Peggy and John drove all the way to Denver to take care of our house and affairs while we're out! What friends to have!
Jeff Shipple 19 June 2004 Treated us to warm, friendly conversation and hot chocolate at the Sprucewood Inn.
Michelle 21 June 2004 Server at restaurant in Hartsel - Gave us wonderful instructions about Forest Road 311 from top of Trout Creek Pass to Buena Vista. Turned out to be a glorious ride.
Karen at Super 8 22 June 2004 Karen helped us out over and over again and got us out of a big laundry scrape. Thanks!
Trevor Page and Leanne Thompson 24 June 2004 English bike tourists going up toward Taylor Park when we were going down. Great folks! We camped with them for the night. They're going from Phoenix to Jasper, Alberta by back roads.
Michelle (Mik-EL) Veltri and his mother Myrtle 27 June 2004 Delightful! Assistant scoutmaster in my troop when I was 11, back in 1966. Amazing rancher still living in Crested Butte and ranching.
Collin and Marisa 30 June 2004 Wonderful hosts here in Palisade, Colorado
Duane Erickson 7 July 2004 I met Duane at Cold Spring, near a dirt road on top of the mountain a few miles from Wolf Creek Pass. He stopped and asked if I had any trouble, found out I was biking, and immediately pulled out paper to draw a map to his house. What hospitality!
Gary Etchison 9 July 2004 Friendly Gary came over to talk at the park where I was camping. When I asked about water availability down the road, he said there was none, but went out of his way to go into town and fill my containers!
A.J. Delgado and Shaggy, Keelie, Lucinda, Dean at Scott's Ski and Sports in Pocatello 10 July 2004 When I walked in the door, they said "Are you the one who called" and proceded to help me with everything about my bike. The whole crew went out of their way to help, support, chat. THANKS!
Leroy Lewis 11 July 2004 Helped me with lots of local Idaho information when I was marooned at the rest stop east of Arco, Idaho. A wonderful, helpful, knowledgable person.
Dana and Michelle Corgi 14 July 2004 Gave me a bottle of good wine at my campsite near Ketchum, Idaho! And we had delightful conversation.
Yale Habitat Bicycle Challenge group 15 July 2004 30 riders riding from Connecticut to Portland, Oregon to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. See their info
Jon and Shiree 15 July 2004 Pine beetle investigators for the Forest Service. They shared their lunch with me (and good conversation) on Galena Summit!
Wade and Twila Ficklin (and Chase, Dane, Hailey, Cole, and Quinn) 15 July 2004 We met at Sun Valley; They saw me riding on their way out of Ketchum and made a POINT of picking up a gatorade and popsicle for me on their way back! They stopped in the road and gave it to me!
Rodney 16 July 2004 Rodney and his dog have been walking back roads, dirt roads, trails from the Montana border for the last 3 weeks. I'd like to know more of their story!
Bob and Eleanor Weidman 20 July 2004 They let me come back and visit a *second* time! I was in Missoula in 2002 and they graciously put me up, and I'm here again.
30 MORE Yale folks riding for Habitat for Humanity 23 July 2004 In south-central Idaho I rode over Galena Summit with a group of Yale folks riding 4000 miles across the country to benefit Habitat. Now I run into the north group! See their site at yale.edu/habitat
Joe, Seth, and Katie Schertenleib 27 July 2004 All we asked was a place to pitch our tents. They fixed a fine dinner and a great breakfast and offered friendly conversation.