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Our Sweden week's trip

We'll try to write a bit more later, but here's a quick glance at the delightful Sweden trip from the last week:

Anna Wittert (Fuego Project) Leymebamba to Celendin notes

These are Anna Wittert's notes from Leymeybamba to Celendin, in northern Peru:

km 426 / 2300 m Leymebamba
km 396 / 3600 m top of the climb, there are waterstreams on either side of the pass, not so much or unclean water lower down
km 376 / 2500 m restaurant (blue building, i think the one you stopped at as well, cause all the busses have a break at this one, we were allowed to camp and cook inside for free as it was raining and the slopes closeby to steep to pitch). They have a watertap outside. The town is called saulluma, and the restaurant Diegito, but there are no signs to tell you so.
km 336 / 980 m Balsas (shops and I think a bad hotel)
km 331 and km 324 reasonable looking campspots, although hot and with a lot of cactus
we carried 20 l of water from the first pass down and used that at the restaurant and carried the rest for the next night. Not really necessary in the end, although it was nice to drink fresh mounbtain water for a change...
the climb from Balsas is a little bit steeper then the one from Leymebamba, especially the bottom 20 km
km 315 Limon (small town)
km 314 a small track in a sharp left bend on the right side of the road, lined by an old stone wall, leads to farmland. We asked the farmer and camped some 40 meters away from the road. No water on site. Awesome birds both evening and morning.
There are a few more suitable wildcamp spots further up, but all visible from the road. The cliffs get too steep for camping after a while.
km 293 / 3145 m the top! good camping options if you don´t want to go to town
km 281/ 2680 m Celendin

Anna WIttert ( notes from Cajamarca to Trujillo Peru on the back roads

Cajamarca to Trujillo on the backroads....
General. Nice ride, maybe not as impressive as the ride north of cajamarca. Not much traffic. Pelenty of small towns to stock up and get a room. Overall the condition of the road was pretty good, and the climbs gentle. I would imagine the stretch from Agallpampa to Shorey the other way around would be pretty steep.
NB take mosquito repellent, lots of zancudos!

day 1 Cajamarca to San Marcos
65 km paved
cajamarca to banos del inca 5km
turn right
the kilometer posts start counting up from 0 here
km 9 start of climb, small village
km 17 top at 3010 m
km 25 Namora, end of downhill 2785 m
km 36 uphill starts
km 38 Matara (small village)
km 41.5 top (2995)
km 45 -50 undulations
km 50 downhill starts
km 60 San Marcos 2375 m (slept at police station in the cell, not recommendable, unless you like bunkers)

Day 2 San Marcos to Cajabamba
61 km paved (road markers count on upwards)
km 60 - 74 climb to 2700 m, gentle, plenty wildcamp options
km 74 - 89 downhill to 2100 m
km 89 - 97 undulations
km 97 - 120 climb to 2700, hot, small villages on the way
Nice hotel, hotel Bolivar, 2 blocks from plaza, 10 soles, downstairs, courtyard

Day 3 Cajabamba to Huamachuco
56 km unpaved
km 0 - 32 mostly uphill to 3400, good dirt
km 32 - 40 down to 3220
km 40 - 44 around laguna sausacocha, flat
km 44 - 56 bad dirt, rocky and sandy with 2 steep shortish climbs
Huamachuco nice hotel, El Conquistador, 15 soles, courtyard, hot water, meals, 2 blocks from square

Day 4 huamachuco to Shorey
61 km
mostly paved  read more here... lee mas aquí... »

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