Hobobiker Trip Details

2008-04-14 to 2008-05-25

Here is detailed information about our trip. For each day's ride we have a map, gpx and kml files, and an elevation profile.

If you find that this isn't up-to-date or you want something that's not here, please send us an email and we'll try to get it for you.
Ridedatemiles/km Elev ft/mt
Cartagena to Maria La Baja, Colombia2008-04-1647/76900/278
Maria La Baja to Toluviejo2008-04-1753/85839/259
Toluviejo to Lorica, Colombia2008-04-1846/74629/194
Lorica to Montería, Colombia2008-04-1939/6342/13
Montería to Buenaventura2008-04-2152/841305/403
Buenaventura to El Jardín de Cáceres2008-04-2250/81997/308
El Jardín to Puerto Valdivia2008-04-2346/741230/380
Puerto Valdivia to Alto de las Ventanas, Colombia2008-04-2423/376017/1857
Alto de las Ventanas to Yarumal2008-04-2515/241958/604
Yarumal to Don Matias2008-04-2647/764104/1267
Don Matias to Medellín, Colombia2008-04-2733/531249/385
Medellín to La Pintada2008-05-0150/813973/1226
La Pintada to La Manuela2008-05-0260/973766/1162
La Manuela to Manizales2008-05-0315/243497/1079
Manizales to Armenia, Colombia2008-05-0562/1005006/1545
Armenia to Salento2008-05-0628/452736/844
Armenia to Armenia, Colombia2008-05-0713/21580/179
Armenia to Buga La Grande2008-05-0845/731528/472
Buga la Grande to Cali, Colombia2008-05-0980/129784/242
Cali to Peaje Tunia2008-05-1355/894344/1341
Peaje Tunia to Popayan, Colombia2008-05-1432/522191/676
Popayan to San Agustin, Colombia2008-05-161/20/0
Popayan to Mojarras2008-05-1977/1244826/1490
Mojarras to El Tablon2008-05-2039/634310/1330
El Tablon to Chachagui2008-05-2127/444438/1370
Chachagui to Pasto, Colombia2008-05-2217/273057/944
Pasto to Ipiales, Colombia2008-05-2448/776351/1960