View La Bufa in the bottom of Copper Canyon, Mexico

DSC03346 view of the canyon
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Here is a photo overlooking the road to La Bufa and eventually to Batopilas.

This area is the home to the famous Indians Traumara (Raramuri). One of the oldest people in North America, migrated to this area to avoid conflict with the Spanish Missionary. This shy group of people who live a subsistence life style can be recognized by their unique clothing and dark skin. The men wear a white loincloth, sandals, and an array of shirts and the women wear colorful layered blouses and skirts and large scarfs of multi designs.

It does appear the Traumara (Raramuri) have huge struggles with health, farming in this harsh climate though they have some of the most efficient farming methods known, and preservation of a culture that is in conflict with a monetary society.

The death rate for women giving birth is one in ten. The death rate amoungst children under 5 is 50 percent. Poverty amongst these people in this area is so rampant it touches everyone.

They do not beg for anything. Some families create crafts to sell and harvest what they can from the local tourists. A child will attempt to sell an item the family has made and if they can not interest you in their crafts, they may ask for a peso. If you want to take a photo of a Raramuri always ask first and pay for what you get.